Oodette Design  , pronounced as " oooh-deh ". Fully Designed & Manufactured design label  .

We insist to design what we love , manufaturing out for our #oodettegirl to 

  • Empower women on courage & power
  • Never right or wrong 
  • Wear it , Step up , Lead your own life .

A label that is different from others with visions :

  • We strongly believing in no trending.
  • We believe every women sparkling and shining in her life stage with her own wearing styles without having following the world trending.
  • We inspire and encourage every ladies to be confident, to be the real yourself with what you are wearing.
  • Your presence, you yourself is the elegance and beauty that never fades.
  • Be fearless, be brave, be bold, love yourself, creating you own belonged fashion styles.

Shipping Worldwide

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